Thursday, 26 January 2012

Project Life: I jumped on board

I seriously was not going to join the bandwagon because I was (still am) already participating in Stacy Julian's '12' course at Big Picture Classes. I was listening to Paperclipping Roundtable #97 and something that Ali Edwards and Kristen Rutten said just made it click for me...
paraphrase...[if your interested in capturing the everyday] Project Life is easier than designing and creating a 12x12 layout and the little stories are getting done and take less room than 10 layouts that you don't do...

I waited a little bit, started looking at the websites and all the blogs of the Project Life creative team and decided to jump on board. I am using the Clementine digital set from Jessica Sprague's site and printing those at home. I am using the AC 6 (4x6) pocket pages and will mix in different sizes because I think it looks cool. If I ordered pages from Project Life, I would probably use A and F and G. I printed more 3x4 pictures than I thought I would.
So here we go...
I had to include New Year's Eve and then begin Jan 1-7 side 1
 Jan 1-7 side 2
 January 8- 14 side 1
Jan 8-14 side 2 is a layout about the 12th for my 12 class and has a big story which I haven't finished yet. It is going into a 6x12 page.
Still figuring out the best way to print my iphone pictures (without resizing them in photoshop).
I am going to try this because record and remember are part of my focus this year.

One Little Word 2012

In November I began trying out new words in preparation for January. Nothing really spoke to me or stuck to me. When Ali Edwards posted the 2012 list, 'renew' stood out. This led to my collection of words with the prefix "re" much like my prior two years with "be" (ie. believe). Here is the resulting layout. I may add pictures/images if any further inspiration arrives. The five words I chose: renew, reconnect, record, reduce, remember.

Journal Your Christmas Favorites

I am very please with my December Album based on Shimelle laine's Journal Your Christmas class.
Here are the results:
Used my One little Word as the title:
Making cards:

 Talking about new traditions and using little boxes instead of actual stockings:
 Envelope pocket in use with kids lists tucked inside:

A nice layout with pictures from when kids were little:

The class had great content and I am very happy with the results in my album.