Thursday, 26 January 2012

Project Life: I jumped on board

I seriously was not going to join the bandwagon because I was (still am) already participating in Stacy Julian's '12' course at Big Picture Classes. I was listening to Paperclipping Roundtable #97 and something that Ali Edwards and Kristen Rutten said just made it click for me...
paraphrase...[if your interested in capturing the everyday] Project Life is easier than designing and creating a 12x12 layout and the little stories are getting done and take less room than 10 layouts that you don't do...

I waited a little bit, started looking at the websites and all the blogs of the Project Life creative team and decided to jump on board. I am using the Clementine digital set from Jessica Sprague's site and printing those at home. I am using the AC 6 (4x6) pocket pages and will mix in different sizes because I think it looks cool. If I ordered pages from Project Life, I would probably use A and F and G. I printed more 3x4 pictures than I thought I would.
So here we go...
I had to include New Year's Eve and then begin Jan 1-7 side 1
 Jan 1-7 side 2
 January 8- 14 side 1
Jan 8-14 side 2 is a layout about the 12th for my 12 class and has a big story which I haven't finished yet. It is going into a 6x12 page.
Still figuring out the best way to print my iphone pictures (without resizing them in photoshop).
I am going to try this because record and remember are part of my focus this year.

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