Thursday, 19 July 2012

Summer - Week 2
Renew, Reconnect, Record, Reduce, Remember
Reduce- it was a super hot week a heat wave- and no cooler time to walk during the day (I guess I'm not hard core yet)- 10.5 km
Record-No project life I need to print some pictures

I'm going through last summer's pictures and trying to finish off some old projects.

Can I just say one more time I love the memory folder idea. I have used "lapbooks" (file folders with pockets and fold outs ) for school projects, but it never occurred to me to use them for memory keeping.  I love that it the folders work for one story with several pictures like a birthday or an event that have more than one story.

(the kids all had fun except for an overwhelmed Nicky- his story is in the cut down folder.)
The folders are also great for stories being "curated" in the Library of Memories system.

A series of road trip candids from the last 4 years.

The memory folders also work for when I have the "us" candids that don't fit into the trip story but too important to just college for an album page:

(two folders "sewn" together and one flip open)
I combined the products from my two fav designers- Rhonna Farrer and Heidi Swapp.

Back to more creating.

Friday, 13 July 2012

It's summertime...

It's summertime which means I get my "scrap" on. I do see a cycle developing -scrap all Spring Break summer and Christmas. These are the times when I get the most put together. I really need to keep my idea list handy and up to date during school time. Although if I do spend a couple hours on Sunday finding and prinitng photos for Project life, then I don't fall too far behind in my weeks.

So here is the recap of week 1 of summer and my intentions with my 2012 little words:
Reconnect with family  (- thinking about one on one fun outings with kids and hubbie)
Project Life- caught up on 4 weeks

regular "pages"-

Totally getting into the memory files.

Reduce- challenging clutter- Our walk-in closet cleaned up
            -challenging the weight- walked 18 km
Remember to live each day fully- will find some cool blog or feed to inspire me to do something  tiny and special daily

Week 2 is coming to an end and I'll update soon..